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Nina Joffey


Nina Joffey was born in Moscow, Russia and moved to United States in1988. Currently, she lives in Reston Virginia.. She worked for many years in the Information Technology field and never had prior art experience.


She started to paint in 2017 and has been studying the techniques of old masters and contemporary painters and took multiple classes, in the Community Center, Yellow Barn Studio, Smithsonian, and others. She also took classes and workshops from the specific artists , such as  Maria Mosanu, Christine Lashley,  Adrianne Wyman, Jordan Xu.


Nina had traveled to study and paint Paris and Giverny with Christine Lashley and to paint Provence and Tuscany with Adrianne Wyman  . These traveling experience inspired many oil and watercolor paintings. She likes to travel and use her personal experiences. Nina had a solo  exhibition of 100 paintings in Reston Community Center in 2021, she has awards from Vienna Art Society and Reston Art League. Besides galleries her paintings are  frequently exhibited in public places, such as libraries, community centers and the hospital.

Artists Statement 


I discovered painting unexpectedly when my friends took me to some 'design and wine' evening.  . Painting changed my life. I discovered a new world and a new me. Arts helps to open the eyes and the beauty of the world; notice things you did not notice before and makes you more observant and curious. 

I am experimenting with media and styles, but my favorite at this moment is oil in a semi-traditional style. I love to do portraiture, as well as to paint nature and cities . 

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